April 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013


This was really my first ever "real" Spring Break. Being home schooled most of my life, I never really needed a Spring Break. I never made it a big deal or went anywhere. I wanted to go to the beach so bad, but I honestly wasn't looking forward to going on the week of Spring Break when it would be packed and full of drunk, irresponsible people. Plus, my pretty Mama was down here visiting from Wisconsin and I felt so guilty leaving her. With all my worrying, I was extremely unaware of the fun I would have.

I looooooooooooove beaches. So much. I just want to go to the beach every single day of my life. Beach pictures are my favorite, the smell is my favorite, the sand, the sound. We went to Corpus Christi which I had never been to and it was such a cute little beach town. It was sunny and beautiful out this day, but it wasn't super warm out. Of course it was super windy by the water but I got used to it. I wish I had more pictures but I only took a few right when we got there and then never took more.

^ My love and I.
So yes, I had sooooo much fun with my love and his friends. I cannot wait to do it again. :)

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