April 28, 2011

Florida trip review - Day #1-ish

Krissy -
I just got back from Florida yesterday with my sister after spending a week with Chelsey and her sister. It was the most amazing week ever and we all miss each other already! :( I have an insane amount of pictures I want to post so I'll try to do it in sections. Chelsey is out of town for her sister's wedding all weekend but I know she'll get hers posted sometime!

My sister had never flown on a plane before and she always used to say she would never fly on a plane in her life. She did fine though! This was when we were stopped in Baltimore - totally out of the way. Me on left, sister Kelly on the right.

We got plane crackers on the plane which resulted in this picture. (dirty window)

The whole flight from Baltimore to Fort Myers was over water. It lasted so long that my sister and I started to wonder if it really was just clouds and we had missed the land...but it was water!

Finally land!

The sun setting was so neat shining on all the water.

We didn't land until about 7:30pm so we didn't take many pictures together that night. Here's the cutest one of Chelsey and I though. :)

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