April 18, 2013

Pizza Muffins


I have not posted in quite some time and am about to post a lot! I always want to go out and take pictures but never know where to go around here. Well the other day, I finally went on an adventure. I had a goal in mind to go out and take photos, but I can't post much from it because my goal was a present for someone. I doubt they would come here and see it but I better be safe.

Anyways, here is a different kind of post. I have had a Pinterest for quite awhile but I have become addicted to it lately. Whenever I'm bored, It's where I go. Like everyone does, I always pin cool things I want to try, but never try them. I am getting better at it though. I am trying to grow out my hair and get it healthy, so I am currently trying coconut milk treatments. I laugh at myself, I really do. Recipes are the number one, "I have to try this but never really will!". I tried one the other night though and that is the purpose of this post. I'm writing too much so I'll finish inside the post...

Muffin pizzas!! These looked so simple and delicious so I had to try them. I saw them on Pinterest but ended up Googling them and finding this website: Really From Pinterest.

Random thought: No one will ever see this but I don't care, it's entertaining me. 

Ok, back to the pizzas. I ended up buying:

2 - Rolls of 10 pre-cut buttermilk biscuits
1 - 15oz can of pizza sauce
1(2 cups) - Package of mozzarella cheese
1 - Package of pepperoni minis

I didn't like the pre-made pizza crusts that they sold so I thought I would try the biscuits. I pretty much followed her recipe, besides using the biscuits instead of crust, and I used a cupcake pan instead of muffin.

The biscuits were supposed to be in the oven for 10 minutes so for my first pan, I put them in for 5 minutes and took them out. Being the biscuit-y biscuits that they were, they were huge. They pretty much filled up the entire cupcake hole. I wasn't sure how to approach it so I smushed the middles down with a spoon, filled them with sauce, cheese and pepperonis. Then I put them back in for 5 and the cheese wasn't as melted as I had hoped. I put them in for a couple more minutes and they came out fine. With this being my first pan, I was using it as my test run. My sister and I tried one and we found out there was too much sauce, and not enough cheese.

For the second pan, I only put the biscuits in for about 3 minutes so they wouldn't be as poofy to put the sauce on. They still raised pretty high but this time instead of pressing the middles down to fill with sauce, I just smeared it on the top of the biscuits. This prevented the too much sauce dilemma.

Second pan, and as you can see, they were still pretty full but it worked.

 The second pan came out much better. Not too much sauce, and lots of cheese! I usually pick the pepperoni off of my pizzas but these little things were just so cute and I tried them while making these and they were so good just by themselves!

This made 20 biscuits and with three of us here eating them, they are quick little lunches or dinners. It fed us all dinner last night, snack time(couldn't resist) and I just had them for lunch and there are still a few left. They're quite simple to make and don't take too long. I'll definitely be making them again!

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