April 18, 2013

April 2013

Krissy -

I finally got my sister to come with me to take pictures. I never want to go alone and don't know where good spots are. We went to one park and it was kind of lame. Then we went to a different one that had trails through the woods and it was so pretty!! I got attacked by fire ants though and it wasn't fun. I cannot wait to go again so I can take more pictures.

We are so dumb. :p


Chelsey said...

I'm not commenting on every single post but your pictures are soooo cute. I'm jealous of the beach ones, I want to go so badly. And those pizza muffins look so good I want some. I just farted.

rissy said...

Thanks sweets! I want to go back to the beach so bad, you have no idea. When I went last summer it was on the water but we didn't get to go to the beach. This time was sooooooooo much better and beautiful. It reminds me of Florida and I miss it.

GROSS. Down foar!