May 6, 2011

Florida trip review - Day #3 Part 1

Krissy -
April 22, 2011
As Chelsey said, we spent part of our day at Fort Myers Beach and I think it's my favorite place in the world. We went there last year when I was down visiting her and it was cloudy and we ended up getting poured on which was quite funny. This time it was hot, sunny, and beautiful! She drove her and I there and it sounds so simple but I just loved that - driving to the beach with the windows down in the Florida heat, palm trees all around, swim suits on, country music playing on the radio. I want to be able to do those things all the time with her like best friends do. Ok done rambling and wishing we lived closer. Let's look at pictures!

Always so many feet pictures.

I'm thankful for this one resort type place on the beach that has posts blocking it off because it's always our tripod.

One of our faces always ended up having our hair blown in it.

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