May 19, 2011

Florida trip review - Day #7 & #8

Krissy -
April 26, 2011
It was my last day with Chelsey. :( We didn't do too much, we swam a lot and then went to 7 Eleven to get slurpees and some snacks to take on the plane for the next day. I don't have many pictures from this day...mostly just random things and none of us. I guess we had ran out of ideas for that day.

April 27, 2011
It was time to fly home. :( I was excited to get back home and see my parents and furry babies but I was so sad to leave Chelsey because I never know when I'll see her next. They took us to the airport and Chelsey and her sister(Casey) both got guest passes so they could go through security with my sister(Kelly) and I and stay with us until we boarded the plane. When we had to line up to board, we hugged each other while Casey and Kelly did. Then we switched, then we had a big group hug and then Chelsey and I hugged like 3 more times. It was so sad and unreal that it was all over. :(

I had the most amazing time though and Chelsey and her family always make it feel like home and are so welcoming and loving. I miss her so much and cannot wait to see her again. I hate living so far apart. I need to move to Florida so badly. It is absolutely gorgeous there.


Chelsey said...

I miss you. That is all. And your pictures are cute, but you know that.

Jrissy said...

I miss you too. Thanks doll!