December 15, 2012


Krissy -
I'm on day #2 of winter break and I am bored already. I spent a little bit of time on Pinterest and got inspired to make crafty decorations for my room. Sadly, I currently lack the supplies I want so I settled for photography instead. I wanted to get some Christmas/winter-y photos but I didn't find much.

Winter trees? Not really available here.

My new kitty Ariel(since my parents took my kitty with them when they moved). I've never tried to take pictures of her and I found out that it's nearly impossible. She is too affectionate and would rather get up to love and purr all over me and my camera instead of lay in one spot. So this is what I got.

The softest, fluffiest cookies ever. They're made with a cake mix and Cool Whip(my sister made them so I am unaware of the other ingredients).

Almost a week away from going home for Christmas with my sister to see our other sisters, nieces, nephew, and parents. ♥ I miss them so much, it's unbearable.

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