May 10, 2011

Florida trip review - Day #5 (Continued)

Krissy -
April 24, 2011
Part 2

Chelsey's little dog Trixie. I love her.

This took us about 7 tries before we got one where our hands were perfect.


Chelsey said...

I love your pictures! I cannot believe you and the shells in the road lol! I looooove us sitting in the grass that is on the banner SO much! ♥ HI TRIXIE!!! She misses you.

Krissy said...

Thaaanks! Well we just have boring rocks in our roads and the shells are so fancy!!! I DO TOO it's probably one of my favorites that we took. And I can't believe we only took one and it was perfect and we didn't even try another just in case.

Chelsey said...

You were sick of the heat, that is why.