September 21, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - day 1

Chelsey -
I still have the rest of my August pictures to post, but I wanted to get my Labor Day weekend pictures posted. I had the best time ever with my family that weekend! ♥ I wrote a novel on my 365 project about this day, so I will post it here too.

My family came down at midnight and spent the night. We left for Matlacha around noon. I went with Dad to the boat ramp with the boat and my brother and I were going to drive the boat to the hotel dock. Mom was driving behind Dad and my brother (Markie, because I want to go by names) was driving behind too, to follow us to the boat ramp. He ended up driving past the boat ramp and we laughed at him for getting lost.

Markie and I left with the boat and we left the dock and he asked me if I had my phone and I didn't because I left it in my purse and put it in Mom's car. He laughed and said he didn't have his either. I was going to majorly laugh if we got lost. Luckily we had some people who left in their boat when we did and showed us how to get to Matlacha. We found the place and then had to find the place we were staying. We got to the bridge and asked some people sitting in their boat where the place was and they told us to the left. So we went that way and it wasn't there, so we had to turn around and ask some guy working on a dock where it was and he said to the right of the bridge. Great directions the other people gave us. So we are driving so fast in the water and it got shallow quick and Markie slowed the boat down so fast and I was standing and though I was going to fall out.

We were at the motel place around 1:30 and I finished helping get the stuff in the room and then went to the pier to take some pictures. Markie decided to go fishing on the dock and he caught a little tree branch and we were laughing so bad at it. What a great first catch for the day.

We took the boat out again later, it was me, sister Casey, Markie, Dad and Mom. I was in such a slappy mood and laughing at everything. I kept taking pictures of Mom just to make her get so mad. And then she wanted me to take pictures of Dad, so I was just leaning over and sneakily taking pictures. Markie was sitting in the front of the boat and I leaned over with a stupid smiling face and took a picture and he was laughing at me. I was so stupid lol! We saw dolphins while we were out in the boat too. I love them! We get so excited whenever they come out of the water. We saw a few jumping out of the water and I'm sad my camera wasn't fast enough to get pictures of those.

When we got back to the motel, my niece Lilly was up from her nap and came out to sit at the pavilion and colored for a while. I took some pictures of her and told her to say "cheese" and then she would want to look at my camera screen and I would ask her "who is that?" and she would say her name like "Lil-lay" and laugh and it was so cute! Her and I ended up playing together forever during the evening. We played with the rocks by the door for a while and she was knocking over pine cones, laughing every time. There were some no slip lines on the side walk and she would tell me to get on my "line" and she would get on her's and she would say "1, 2, 3 GO" and we would run to the pavilion and then back to the hotel part. We ended up doing that forever and then it was back to the rocks. She started throwing them in the grass and I would tell her to go pick up her rocks and she looked at me and said "NO" in such a cute voice. Then I would pick her up to where her arms and feet were hanging down and bring her to the rocks and have her pick them up. After getting all the rocks, she would throw them again and tell me to pick her up to do it all over again. I thought my arms were going to die. She is just sooooo cute!

Mom and I went to walk to the little shops but there wasn't much exciting to see. We got pizza from the pizza place to bring back for dinner. It was so hot outside and it did not feel any better inside the pizza place. There was an old lady sitting here and all she did was stare and it was so weird. It must have been the woman's mother who was working there.

We ate at the pavilion and the whole time, our dog Trixie was sitting on Casey's bed because it was by the window so she could look out. You could see her little fluffy head in the window and it was so cute! That was her spot whenever we were outside because she had to know what we were doing.


KRissy said...

AWWW SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Can't get over the rope one!

Chelsey said...

Thanks so much dear!!