January 6, 2013

Christmas Vacation

Krissy -
My sister and I went home for Christmas to see our parents, sisters, nieces and nephew. It was beyond fun since we hadn't seen our parents for 6 months(way too long) and our sisters for over a year. It was so cold and snowy but without that, it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

I did not have snow proof clothes or shoes. I never did when I lived there either, though. :p

Sunrise from the sky.

The barn on my Mom and Dad's property.

I feel bad for anyone who has never had Culver's. They have some here in TX but I don't know how to get there and it is super depressing. We ate here 3 times during our week in WI.

It snowed for 2 days straight.

I missed my baby Poppy so much!! She remembered my sister and I though and it made me sooooo happy.

Leaving the snow.

This was such a fun week and I miss everyone so much already. I feel so lucky that I got to spend Christmas with my family. I'm hoping we can go back up there this summer because WI is beautiful in the summer unlike Texas with the 100 degrees and nasty burnt up grass.


Chelsey said...

I'm jealous you got to visit snow.

Krissy said...

It got old real fast. I need to not see it for longer than I had and then I will like it.

Chelsey said...

I looooooooooooooooove that barn. I forgot to say that on the last comment. But well you been in snow for 348358435438 years, I've only seen it twice and it was never full snow and I just want snow okay.