June 16, 2013

June - from the Inside

Krissy -

Had this Sunday off from work today which is nearly unheard of. I didn't know what to do with myself, home alone and bored. I decided to take some pictures inside since I didn't know where to go outside. There's nothing really special in here but I tried to get creative to entertain myself. :)

My sweetie!
Random but I thought it looked cool.
Seriously, the best scent ever from Bath & Body Works. I just wish it was in more than a candle/wallflower, both of which I had to get.
The cover of my 2013 scrapbook/journal. Sadly I have been neglecting it due to my laziness of not feeling like ordering pictures yet.

Tomorrow is one month until I go home for a week!
Meet Johnny the beta! He was posing so nicely for the pictures!


Chelsey said...

Soooo cute! Awww baby Ariel. Have you smelled the Italy scents at Bath and Body Works??? I just bought a Aruba Coconut body wash and IT SMELLS SO GOOD.

krissy said...

I'm not sure! I was just there today and smelled some coconut, it was on sale but I don't think it was aruba.

Thanks for the kind words! and Ariel says thanks.